Website 2.1 - January 19, 2017 @ 7:48 pm

So a while ago I released this new website idea to improve my virtual appearance. Now some time after it’s release I like to introduce version 2.1 of my personal website.

So what are the new features?
This sub site is going to display all tools that I’ve created over the years. Things I needed and things that were just fun. I’m not going to explain everything over here because for that you have to visit

Janssens Field Services
Since I started working for Janssens Field Services some time ago I decided to add it to the Project section on the homepage.


So have fun and thanks for reading and see you on the next release (or somewhere else).

Website 2.0 - June 11, 2015 @ 8:56 pm

A long time ago I needed to come up with a username for an online game and so I decided to go with Juje007. And when I got into web development I wanted to have my own domain so I bought But this domain was starting to get old and not so long ago I decided to drop the “007” part of my username because that was starting to get really old and I’m not that into James Bond any more. So that’s why I decided to buy the domain But the problem still was that using my username for a portfolio website was not going to be so professional. So that’s why I also decided to buy So from now on everything from will be moved to and to

But the domain was not only thing that needed a revisit. The theme was also getting old and needed a redesign and since I learned a lot about Bootstrap I also decided to do the design with Bootstrap instead of Foundation. So that’s why you are now looking at a new and wonderful design.

Beside a new design and domain I also decided to change my homepage to a portfolio website to simple show of all my projects. So the main site has been compressed into 1 single page for convenience.

But there will be more. I didn’t just revamp everything there will be a lot more on the new website and here is a list of what will be new:

  • This will be a sub site with all tools and small projects that I’ve developed over the years and new things.
  • I will put a lot more time into posting new posts on this blog. For example updates and information about projects and tools I’ve worked on.

Maintenance update - August 8, 2013 @ 1:41 pm

So after a long time of no updates I decided to update my website/blog.

The reason was that there were a lot of issues with my website for instance the carousel wasn’t working anymore and the twitter widget did not work either anymore.

The carousel stopped working because the jQuery library that I use uses jQuery 1.9 and the carousel used deprecated functions in jQuery 1.9. So I needed to update or change the carousel and I ended up installing the Nivo Slider an awesome slider which is standing under the MIT licence.

The reason why the Twitter widget stopped working was because Twitter changed their API. So from now on you need authenticate trough Oauth to do anything reading, writing, updating or deleting. And because Oauth is not that easy and I have no experience with it I decided to download a Twitter widget and to convert my footer bar into a widget bar. But because there were some things on the bar which used data from the other site in the WordPress Multisite network and the native widgets from WordPress don’t support Multisite I needed to download external widgets and even create my own Multisite Pages Widget.

But after working hard and completing everything you can see the biggest change in the footer with a working Twitter widget and a bit changed design for the footer.

My hopes for WordPress is that they will add native support for Multisite widgets.


Thanks for reading,


WordPress Multisite - June 22, 2012 @ 4:12 pm

A few days ago I discovered WordPress Multisite by viewing the source code of on Github ( Than yesterday I discovered it again and so I thought let’s try it. But I firstly wanted to do this local because I was afraid of breaking some things. So after an hour of discovering, trying and playing I was able to let it work. But my design was completely messed up for my front website.

The idea of WordPress Multisite was to let my blog and front site run on 1 WordPress install. The thing is that my blog is running on a different sub domain called and my front website is running on So without WordPress Multisite this was impossible.

So today after completing the raw structure I needed to change my design in a lot of ways and after a few hours it was done.

And than the last step moving it from the local server to the remote server. This was going to be the most tricky part of all but luckily I learned already a lot on the way. So I made a checklist what I needed to do. And because of this checklist I had almost no bumps in the road and the last part was done very easy and fast.

So if your reading this article on my website than you are looking at a WordPress Multisite blog.

So my tips for all you guys wanting to try this is:

So happy blogging to you all.

ipNumberInfo - April 2, 2012 @ 10:10 pm

After some experience with IP‘s I had the idea to create a converter for IP numbers to decimal numbers.
After a bit of playing around I discovered how IP numbers work.
And because PHP is having a lot of inside functions to convert decimal numbers to hexadecimal, octal and binary numbers it was very normal to add them to.

You can try it out at

The main function source can be viewed at

If you want some more information about IP’s and DNS you can always visit for more information.

So enjoy and have fun.