Maintenance update - August 8, 2013 @ 1:41 pm

So after a long time of no updates I decided to update my website/blog.

The reason was that there were a lot of issues with my website for instance the carousel wasn’t working anymore and the twitter widget did not work either anymore.

The carousel stopped working because the jQuery library that I use uses jQuery 1.9 and the carousel used deprecated functions in jQuery 1.9. So I needed to update or change the carousel and I ended up installing the Nivo Slider an awesome slider which is standing under the MIT licence.

The reason why the Twitter widget stopped working was because Twitter changed their API. So from now on you need authenticate trough Oauth to do anything reading, writing, updating or deleting. And because Oauth is not that easy and I have no experience with it I decided to download a Twitter widget and to convert my footer bar into a widget bar. But because there were some things on the bar which used data from the other site in the WordPress Multisite network and the native widgets from WordPress don’t support Multisite I needed to download external widgets and even create my own Multisite Pages Widget.

But after working hard and completing everything you can see the biggest change in the footer with a working Twitter widget and a bit changed design for the footer.

My hopes for WordPress is that they will add native support for Multisite widgets.


Thanks for reading,