Website 2.0 - June 11, 2015 @ 8:56 pm

A long time ago I needed to come up with a username for an online game and so I decided to go with Juje007. And when I got into web development I wanted to have my own domain so I bought But this domain was starting to get old and not so long ago I decided to drop the “007” part of my username because that was starting to get really old and I’m not that into James Bond any more. So that’s why I decided to buy the domain But the problem still was that using my username for a portfolio website was not going to be so professional. So that’s why I also decided to buy So from now on everything from will be moved to and to

But the domain was not only thing that needed a revisit. The theme was also getting old and needed a redesign and since I learned a lot about Bootstrap I also decided to do the design with Bootstrap instead of Foundation. So that’s why you are now looking at a new and wonderful design.

Beside a new design and domain I also decided to change my homepage to a portfolio website to simple show of all my projects. So the main site has been compressed into 1 single page for convenience.

But there will be more. I didn’t just revamp everything there will be a lot more on the new website and here is a list of what will be new:

  • This will be a sub site with all tools and small projects that I’ve developed over the years and new things.
  • I will put a lot more time into posting new posts on this blog. For example updates and information about projects and tools I’ve worked on.