WordPress Multisite - June 22, 2012 @ 4:12 pm

A few days ago I discovered WordPress Multisite by viewing the source code of http://plugins.jquery.com on Github (https://github.com/jquery/plugins.jquery.com). Than yesterday I discovered it again and so I thought let’s try it. But I firstly wanted to do this local because I was afraid of breaking some things. So after an hour of discovering, trying and playing I was able to let it work. But my design was completely messed up for my front website.

The idea of WordPress Multisite was to let my blog and front site run on 1 WordPress install. The thing is that my blog is running on a different sub domain called blog.juje007.be and my front website is running on juje007.be. So without WordPress Multisite this was impossible.

So today after completing the raw structure I needed to change my design in a lot of ways and after a few hours it was done.

And than the last step moving it from the local server to the remote server. This was going to be the most tricky part of all but luckily I learned already a lot on the way. So I made a checklist what I needed to do. And because of this checklist I had almost no bumps in the road and the last part was done very easy and fast.

So if your reading this article on my website than you are looking at a WordPress Multisite blog.

So my tips for all you guys wanting to try this is:

So happy blogging to you all.


Radio button fun - September 16, 2011 @ 8:39 pm

Sometimes when you code and you are thinking “What if?”. And today I had that question myself “What if you used Radio Buttons for a LED wall”.

And this is the answer. (Watch out: high CPU usage).

Because modern browsers are not meant for very high performance usages the browser starts to lag.
So using RadioButtonWalls on websites is not going to be the best idea at this point. But maybe trough another way it is.

Ps. You are free to use the code and to modify it without my permission (Because the web should be free and open).